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Meet the In-Laws | Media In-Laws

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Media In-Laws was created by Tyler Jordan and Chandra McCreary in November of 2015. Being experienced in Advertising, Marketing, and Design, they wanted to create an opportunity to provide entrepreneurs with great and usable websites in order to kick-start their business. They came up with Media In-Laws in order to fill this demand and provide affordable and easy options to new businesses.

With the rise of the digital world and the world’s population going online, businesses have the potential to thrive through online establishment of their brand. Taking your business online requires an exclusive space – a website – to broadcast your brand, and if done right, your business can enjoy success up to twofold. We’re focused on providing a website that’s optimized for success.

Media In-Laws specializes in high quality, custom development and design of ecommerce websites for various brands at an affordable price. We want to make professional and high quality websites accessible to any entrepreneur or new business.

Increase Conversions

Let us help you make more conversions with your online store by adding things like call-to-action buttons, contact forms, or easy-to-navigate pages.


The prices on all of our services were tailored for new businesses and with their budget in mind; they are the cheapest around.

Customer Support

Our support is one-of-a-kind and you will find that you will create a friendship, not just a business relationship. We offer unlimited support on all of our products.

SEO & Mobile Friendly

We are experts at HTML, CSS, & Javascript and we make everything search engine optimized as well as mobile responsive.

My father and I needed some new graphics created for a new startup, and we had great success with Media In-Laws. Tyler produced high-quality logos for the company and was very receptive to implementing the few modifications that we requested. I would highly recommend Media In-Laws and will personally be using them for future material! -Adam Chubbuck